Kvant Interactive Laserman

Wir stellen Ihnen hier den “Kvant Interactive Laserman” vor – und lassen die Videos sprechen.
Man muss allerdings schon Erfahrung haben, wenn man sich hiermit auseinandersetzen will.

Im folgenden Video zeigen wir, wie das Setup für den Laserman gesetzt wird:


Aktuell haben wir weitere Informationen nur in Englisch zur Verfügung. Sie können jedoch den Translator benutzen.

The InteractiveLASERMAN is a new laser-to-human performance controller based on interactive motion tracking. The laser flawlessly and precisely follows performer’s moves which makes the show eye catching or even hard to believe.

How is it possible?

The movement sensor tracks all the movement of your hands, feet, torso and even your head.
In the control software, each effect is assigned to follow one of the tracking points mentioned above which results in the laser effect following your moves.  You can then arrange the effects on the timeline and the show is ready to amaze the audience. And even if the performer makes some mistakes when dancing, the laser always follows his moves precisely which eliminates unpleasant choreography issues visible to the audience.

What equipment do I need?

Ideally you should have a KVANT laser system with an inbuilt or stand alone Moncha.NET or Fiesta.NET interface. Both of these control interfaces are compatible with the Fiesta Laserman laser control software which contains a module for programming the movement sensor.

How complicated is it to create a show?

The Fiesta software is well known for its simplicity as well as for the many powerful features it has to offer. The same applies to the software module that controls the movement sensor. The most time consuming process of the whole setup is the movement sensor calibration and that will take you probably only a couple of minutes or so. That’s all!

What about technical limitations?

The movement sensor can detect all moves within 4 meters from the sensor and within 57 degree angle on both X and Y axis, giving you all the freedom you need for your dance routine. The big advantage to our Interactive Laserman is that even performances using low power laser projectors can still be amazing whilst being economical.

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